Class Info

Schedule: Monday 6:00pm – 9:00pm; Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Instructors: Ms. Crystal and Ms. Dominique

Shoe Requirements

  • Ballet | TBA
  • Ballet Dance | TBA
  • Contemporary | TBA
  • Jazz | TBA
  • Hip Hop | TBA
  • Tap | TBA

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Jr/Teens Company

Class Make Up Schedule

Company Class Make Up Scheduke
Company Class Make Up Scheduke
75.0 KiB

Show and Picture Week Information

Dance order for All:

BowieFest: TBA

Nursing Home:

Rehearsal date:

Show date:

Picture Day:

Recital Information

Recital: All Shows

Show I:
Show II:
Show III:
Show IV:


Music Downloads

Tap – Watch Me

Hip Hop – Beats by Ye

Jazz (Unity, Lacey, Nyla, Kaitlyn) – Money

Jazz (Zoe, Olivia, Anya) – The Way You Make Me Feel

Jazz (Tahira, Shaniya, Lithia) – Everybody Wants to Be a Cat

Contemporary (Unity, Lacey, Nyla, Kaitlyn) – One Beautiful Evening

Contemporary (Zoe, Lithia, Tahira, Olivia, Shaniya, Anya) – Paint it Black